my name is

Kacper Tylenda,

and I am a web developer.


is my good


I have been fascinated by new technologies for years. And for a while now I have been working to make them more user-friendly – also for you. I will be happy to collaborate with you on building a part of the Word Wide Web.

Technologies I work with:

html css js tools

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More than 50% of online traffic today comes from mobile devices. I understand how this impacts the needs of all businesses, so I always employ the Mobile First approach.

I always set out with the assumption that each and every element of a website must look just as good on a smartphone screen as it will on a laptop or desktop computer.

My good knowledge of HTML5 lets me build websites with a clean and concise code that is easy to manage.

CSS3 lets me create visually engaging websites.

My experience from working with frameworks (Bootstrap, Semantic UI) significantly speeds up the work process through the ability to easily reuse frequently recurring components.

I also use CSS preprocessor SASS in order to manage and develop projects with much less hassle.

JavaScript i jQuery sprawiają, że Twoja witryna staje się bardziej interaktywna. Jest to bardzo ważny element każdego nowoczesnego projektu.

Wordpress (PHP) is the most popular content management system on the Internet. I have experience in building templates that fully meet the client’s requirements.

I try to be as effective as possible. That is why in my everyday work I use:

  • Gulp – a system for automating repetitive frontend build tasks.
  • Git – a version control system that facilities teamwork.

My work

brings me


I like challenges, and I see each new task as a unique opportunity. It gives me immense pleasure to turn your ideas into a digital reality. Have a look at my selected works.

The Newcastle United Blog

The famous Ed Harrison Blog required a general overhaul. When creating from scratch a Wordpress theme, I tried to refer to a proven format, at the same time giving the site a modern look and feel. My work was very well received by both the blog’s Author and thousands of its readers.

Technologies used:
  • JS/jQuery
  • PHP/Wordpress
  • Responsive Web Design

Miu Estetic

The website of the Miu Estetic Cosmetic Salon was plagued by numerous technical issues and shortcomings. I improved the existing layout, eradicating errors and optimising the code in order to reduce the website loading time. I also gave it a more user-friendly structure.

Technologies used:
  • JS/jQuery
  • Responsive Web Design

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I will be happy to make your idea become reality.

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